Kishu, family have until tomorrow to pay RM200,000.00 fine

26 May 2010, The Edge PUTRAJAYA: Former Globe Silk Store owner Tan Sri Kishu Tirathrai and his family have been given until tomorrow by the Court of Appeal to pay RM200,000.00 fine for contempt of court or face spending three months in jail. HSBC Bank commenced contempt proceedings against the four in 2004 after they failed to abide the court order by placing four caveats, one attempted injunction and two ex-parte restraining orders on the Globe Silk Store building, forcing the Bank to abort public auction on the Globe Silk Store building on four occasions. Mr. Benjamin Dawson, counsel for HSBC, said the bank would not insist on a custodial sentence on the four if they were remorseful, repentant and had apologized unreservedly and they did not wish to proceed with the appeal.

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